Apparently Movie Pass Staffed by Dogs Now

It has been a sad year for MoviePass. It is an endlessly embattled movie subscription service. This company which has built a base for over three billion subscribers with the deal which have enabled the users to watch a movie a day in the theatres for under $10 per month has been losing money prodigiously. Over the course of 2018, it is known to have retooled the basic subscription and have forced the annual subscribers to avail a monthly plan. It has dealt with a plummeting stock process just after the repeated reports that it has been out of funds.
Most recently, Helios and Matheson, the parent company that is facing a class action lawsuit from the shareholders and also fraud investigation have spun the MoviePass off into a separate company to dissociate itself from all toxic reaction to the limited amount of service it can offer.
However, it appears like the company has a solution, cute dogs. The recent email to subscribers is an amazing attempt to placate and disarm then with a puppy. An image was sent to the users along with a message. This is not the first time that a company has tried to charm their customer with an interesting and soft message or the first time any company has co-opted affection for the dogs for pushing a product, there is something truly contrived and patronizing when it comes to this kind of asset.
In almost a literal sense it implies that an erratic service of MoviePass that has its own remaining subscribers avoiding going to the movies. This might be due to the face that some of the senior staffs are dogs. Dogs might be cute but historically speaking they have not proven particularly talented when it comes to managing companies.

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