The Academy Awards Is Adding a New Category for Superhero and Popular Movies

Usually, summer blockbusters don’t get the chance to win distinguished awards. However, things are going to change from now because of a new addition made to Oscar’s. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced that there would be some vast changes to the Academy Awards 2020. It is going to add an ‘Outstanding Achievement in Popular Film’ category which would totally eradicate the notion of what used to be known as Oscar movies only.
The category, ‘Outstanding Achievement in Popular Film’ would be the first addition since 2001 when a special Academy Award category for Best Animated Feature was added. It was seen that Disney’s Beauty and the Beast earned a nomination for the Best Picture. This meant that the animated- feature film industry extending rapidly.
Being the latest changes that propose to battle the dropping ratings of the annual Oscars telecast. The updates which have been planned include reducing the telecast hours to a maximum of three hours from the average four hours. If the duration of the telecast is made shorter, some awards won’t be broadcasted. During the awards, commercial breaks would be aired so that the show becomes globally accessible. The Academy plans to air the telecast earlier by scheduling it on 9th February from 23rd February.
The addition of Popular Film would bring a vast change to the awards list since 2009. Since then the nominee list for the desire Best Picture Award extended from 5 to 10. The addition of the new category is likely to help big-budget superhero movies win Academy Awards. Till date, no superhero movies have won any awards.
In order to retain the prestige of the Best Picture Award, the Academy wants to take in the casual viewers. For this, adding a different category especially for popular films that were globally successful. People left to guess which of their superhero flicks would be winning the award would help to attract more viewers.
Going by the changes that Academy pursued lately, Marvel and other superhero flicks can get the chance to win awards this time.


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