Abu Dhabi’s Startup Is Making Use of AI In Order To Change the Way Children’s Learn

Have you ever thought of a scenario where there would be no books, no pens, and no markers? Well, it’s’ going to be a reality soon for the rest of the world. Already, it is the new reality for many classrooms across Abu Dhabi. A company is making use of artificial intelligence (AI) in order to create a new learning experience for the children.

Founded four years back, Alef Education has succeeded to get its digital education platform into dozens of Abu Dhabi schools, as well as in Al Ain, another city in the emirate. Alef Education has worked carefully with the government of the UAE to make the platform accessible to 25,000 students at 57 public schools.

This platform is also used in two private schools in Abu Dhabi. However, the startup has taken its first step into the United States, where two private schools in New York are using its technology. The platform concentrates on vital subjects such as Math, Science and English. It assists students by using AI to modify the curriculum to individual demands.

It also provides students, teachers, as well as parents real-time feedback and adapts accordingly. For students, it could imply an idea being repeated in a more customized manner to aid them in understanding it. The platform can also pinpoint the strength of the students’. Alef Education CEO Geoffrey Alphonso told reporters that their platform catches millions of data points on a daily basis, which a human can’t process at a time. With that data, they look at machine-learning algorithms, which can literally identify struggling concepts, mastery of different lessons.

Geoffrey even stated that in case a student does well in science, their interest should be aroused so that they want to become a scientist or an astronaut. It’s the future goal, to use all obtained data and AI to create the individual learning path.

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