5 Exotic Preparations from the Emirates

Have you ever wondered what kind of delicacies the Emirates have to offer? Well, there are quite a few. However, check out 5 of the best ones below.
1. Baleleet
Baleleet is sweet dish which can be eaten as breakfast and also as a desert. The main ingredients of this dish are vermicelli, sugar, eggs, cardamom and saffron. Firstly the vermicelli is boiled, and then it is strained and ultimately cooked in a pan by adding sugar, saffron and cardamom. Finally an omelet is made and is placed on top of the vermicelli.
2. Machboos
Machboos is a dish which consists of rice and meat. The rice is often colored orange by adding saffron and on top of it chicken, mutton, lamb, fish, or prawns are added. For garnishing deep fried onions are added. The main ingredients of this dish are a baharat mix of spices, pre-soaked rice, the choice of meat and tomatoes.
3. Camel Burger
Among the other dishes that serve camel meat, the camel burger is a must try. The Camel burger often comes in a khameer or white sesame burger buns which are not easily available unlike normal meat burgers.
4. Harees
Harees is a dish which is normally made during Ramadan which consists of wheat and meat. It’s a dish which is slowly cooked. Haleem and Harees are not the same. Haleem is a thick spicy soup which contains different pulses but Harees is bland stew which is semi-liquid in its consistency and has equal portion of wheat and meat.
5. Saloona
Saloona is a traditional Bedouin dish. It is a stew made up of meat and vegetables accompanied by bread or rice. The main ingredients of this dish are dried lime and the Bezar spice mix. The Bezar spice mix contains coriander, cumin and fennel seeds along with cardamom and peppercorns. The dish can be prepared with any kind of vegetables and meat according to personal preferences.


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