4 Oscar Awards Which Would Be Given Off-Air Gets Disclosed

The film academy has finally unveiled the four Oscar categories that would be handed over off-air. These awards would be given during the commercial breaks of this year’s beaming, in order to reduce the show timing to three hours.
According to an Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences spokesperson, during this year’s ceremony, the Oscar awards for cinematography, makeup and hairstyling, film editing, and live-action short will be awarded off-air. The spokesperson even stated that the winning speeches would be aired later in the telecast. The whole event would be live-streamed on Oscar.com and also across the social accounts of the film academy.
John Bailey, film academy president in a note to members stated that the executive committees of six branches decided to this “somewhat edited time-span” and the board of governors chose four awards for this year’s ceremony. Bailey even stated that they are obligated to present a showoff which the academy would be very proud. He added that in future four-to-six categories might be rotated and conferred during the break time.
The plan to give away some awards during commercials to attain a three-hour execution time on February 24 was declared way back in August last year. It was one of the few changes to deal with diminishing ratings. However, unlike the accepted Oscar category, which was withdrawn for further contemplation after vehement backlash, this decision remained fixed.
The action has been mostly disliked by both nominees as well as many film fans on social media, some of whom have even tweeted with the hashtag #PresentAll24 for weeks.
Curaon is the only nominee in a cut category who is contending for other awards, which includes best director and best picture. Those will be handed over during the broadcast.
Vice director Adam McKay stated earlier that he was “upset” by the idea. He had heard that makeup and hairstyling was going to be one of the unlucky categories, which he regards a severe blow for the people who worked extremely hard to change Christian Bale into Dick Cheney for his film.
Bohemian Rhapsody editor John Ottman called the shift very insulting during last week’s Nominees Luncheon.

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