The 3 Questions that Game of Thrones Season 8 Must Answer

The much-awaited episode of Game of Thrones Season 8 is finally knocking the doors of the viewers and this brings in the greatest opportunity of giving an answer to some of the questions that fans are eager to know. This is also the final season of the series but fans have been pretty enthusiastic to know the answers for some of the biggest questions about the series over the past years.

Season 8 has only six episodes to wrap up the series and this time each episode is longer in duration. Here are some of the questions that the viewers were eagerly looking for an answer.

How is Jon going to find out he is Aegon Targaryen?
This is very clear the Jon Snow is the rightful heir of the Seven Kingdoms but the first question is that who is going to tell him and what he is going to do with that information? The revelations might involve a little bit of brooding involved as well.

Who is Pregnant between Cersei and Dany?
In the previous seasons both the characters had talked in many controversial ways about being pregnant or having a child. This season will make it more clear about what the baby means to them or what they would do.

What about Melisandre?
In season 6, this good old red Woman was banished by Jon and she has not been seen much since then except for once in season 7. It would be interesting to know about her if at all she came back.

Game of Thrones Season 8 seems to have a lot of twist and spice indulged in it keeping its standard more than the expectations.

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