3-10 years of prison sentence for Bill Cosby

Star of television and comedian Bill Cosby, has been sentenced to a three to ten years imprisonment in the state prison after he was found guilty of drugging and sexually assaulting Andrea Constand in the year 2004. He was ruled as a ‘sexually violent predator’ by the Montgomery County Judge who made the sentence.

The issue of sexual offenses committed by Cosby goes back to decades but were not visible to the public eye until another stand-up comedian Hannibal Buress brought the matter to light in a 2014 routine. An examination then followed into the “clean” and “family friendly” personality which led to the revelations of many allegations of rapes and drug-inflicted cases of sexual assault and battery which dates back to 1968. During the later years, many companies turned away their faces from Cosby and the reruns of his famous shows were taken off the air.

There was a mistrial in June 2017, a retrial was carried out in April 2018 which found him to be guilty of three cases of highly indecent assault cases against Constand. The sentencing was delivered on the recommendation of prosecutors who told that Cosby is still a danger to females and also the community. His lawyers had requested for house arrest on the grounds of his age which is 81 and his legal status of being blind.

This sentencing has called an end to a long battle fought by Constand which was reopened in 2015 after many more women came forward with their revelations of cases of sexual misconduct by Cosby. This is the first case in which a celebrity has been sentenced to imprisonment and also a win for the new #MeToo movement.

Other figures like Harvey Weinstein are still facing criminal charges and are going through similar legal proceedings and this Cosby case has proved that justice can be served in a court of law.


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