In 2019 Net Neutrality Battle Will Be Moving To Court

For the supporters of net neutrality time is running out as they are expecting to bring back Obama-era rules using a legislative flaw, but the fight is not yet over as its going to make its way to the federal appeals court.

Well, Democrats in the House of Representatives were unsuccessful to acquire enough votes by the end of the year in order to make use of the Congressional Review Act to revoke the Federal Communications Commission’s thriftiness of the popular rules. The Republican-led agency voted a year ago in December to reverse the regulations embraced in 2015, which were outlined to check that all traffic on the internet was treated in an equal manner.

The FCC, headed by Chairman Ajit Pai, who is a nominee of President Donald Trump, contended that the awkward rules prevented internet service providers’ investment and innovation. However, supporters of net neutrality stated that the internet as one knows might not subsist longer if it is not protected. Big tech companies like Google and Facebook, and internet leaders, such as web creator Tim Berners-Lee, fall into that camp. Since the cancellation, these people have been working in Congress and in state legislatures to restore the rules.

These supporters are now turning their attentiveness to the courts in order to save net neutrality.

Attorneys general from 22 states, besides several activist groups and tech companies like Mozilla, have filed lawsuit, alleging the FCC of promptly curtailing the rules and meddling its authority to prohibit states from passing their own protection laws.

The heated legal dispute could ultimately end up at the Supreme Court, as all eyes are focused on the newly elected Justice Brett Kavanaugh, who quizzed the FCC’s power to adopt the original net neutrality protections.

Legal briefs to the Federal Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit were scheduled in late November, and oral arguments are due for 1st Feb. A decision in the case isn’t expected till June. However, even then, legal experts state that the case is unlikely to end.

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