1st Time Ever, SpaceX’s Crew Dragon Capsule Automatically Docks to the ISS

SpaceX and NASA accomplished a major win when their recent Crew Dragon capsule managed to land automatically on the ISS. This is a major success as ever since 2012, SpaceX has been sending these cargo Dragon capsules to ISS, yet never before did one manage to land programme.

As per the reports of ISS crew member and NASA Astronaut, Anne McClain, the latest one was launched into Orbit from Kennedy Space Center and attached to rocket SpaceX Falcon 9. This one dwelled in space since 3 AM ET Saturday and as it neared the orbit, its gumdrop-shaped tip revolved open to uncover the docking mechanism programmed. Using a sequence of sensors and lasers, the capsule then searched for a specific docking area to identify a nearby port to land.

Initially, SpaceX also made the capsule check several waypoints in the ISS to test its docking capabilities. Soon enough after locating, the Crew Dragon capsule advanced the ISS and held course for at least 2 and a half hours. Once it arrived approximately 20 meters near the ISSS, at around 5:51 AM ET the Crew Dragon Capsule hooked itself to the ISS.

This marked a huge success as it’ll prevent extensive input by the space program members. Before this feat, a crew member on the ISS would use an electronic arm to capture the capsule and guide it to an available port on the ISS. However, now all that is not necessary, thus saving lots of money and time.

Furthermore, the automatic docking of the Crew Dragon capsule now paves way for NASA to effectively transport astronauts to and fro from the ISS with ease. Currently, after its return, NASA will analyze its performance and set up protocols for its next big testing.

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