$1 Billion Suit Filed Against POW! Entertainment by Stan Lee

Stan Lee, the icon for life of comic book industry has become a complicated one because he has filed a lawsuit against POW! Entertainment, which amounts to $1 billion. The former legendary editor-in-chief of marvel comics has had a rough time throughout a couple of years. The biggest hit undoubtedly came after he lost his wife at the age of 95. Lee, now 95 reported to be the subject of disturbing elderly abuse though he refused the claims in public later.
Several women accused him of his misbehavior and misconduct sexually with them, although all these allegations have been denied from his sides. The situation of his health has also become a major concern because the co-creator of numerous superheroes of marvel has been hospitalized due to the deterioration of his health conditions some months earlier. Evidently Stan Lee has a lot of worries and he is going through his bad days now but it has nothing to harm the status of him for those who absolutely love to read and enjoy the comics which have been created by him. Countless number of comic books has been created by Stan Lee and additional pieces of popular culture are now based on them.
Looking at the latest drama which involves Stan Lee very much is that he has filed a lawsuit against the POW! Entertainment, of a massive amount of $1 billion. The production company was founded or rather co founded by him in the year 2001. He has made major cameos almost above thousand for the films that have been produced by the production house. According to Lee, he was being tricked by the production house by signing over some exclusive rights in his name. An agreement was also done between him and the company which did not give much incentive to him. He would not have been signed the agreement and so this trick was done to Lee.


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