A $1 Billion Funding into American Cricket Would Start a Professional US T20 League

On Thursday, USA Cricket disclosed that it had picked American Cricket Enterprises (ACE) as its tactical partner for the development of a professional T20 tournament in the U.S. ACE is supported by the founders of Willow TV and the principals of The Times of India Group, Satyan Gajwani and Vineet Jain.

The Times of India Group is the largest media corporation in the second most populated nation in the world, while Willow TV has over four million subscribers and is the principal U.S. broadcaster for important international cricket.

USA Cricket’s long-term accord with ACE would result in more than $1 billion financed into the evolution of cricket domestically. Underscoring the deal would be the start of a professional T20 league scheduled for 2021 and ACE stated that it had began major infrastructure investment towards international venues in many cities.

ACE bagged the tender over a joint bid headed by Jay Pandya’s Global Sports Ventures. Last November, USA Cricket declared a request for proposals in a bid to set up its own T20 professional competition after a multitude of domestic leagues having been successfully started in traditional and non-traditional cricket nations.

ACE stated that it would work to evolve additional turf cricket pitches and additional facilities in over a dozen locations in an attempt for cricket to present major domestic and international cricket. Bragging the world’s biggest sports market, cricket power brokers have long viewed the U.S. as a pristine gold mine.

International Cricket Council insiders have previously told me there is expectation that a World Cup – most possibly T20 – will be staged in the U.S. within the next ten years. USA Cricket’s historic declaration could very well make the dreams a reality, might very soon or later. ACE also declared that it would offer support for USA Cricket’s men’s and women’s national teams.

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