YouTube Is Going To Change Its Notification System in Order to Address Creator Frustration

For a long time, YouTube creators have expressed their discontent over the company’s irregular and shady notification delivery system; however, new product changes would look forward to addressing those frustrations.

As per a new blog post, notifications could be now automatically set to personalized mode. It indicates that not everyone who endorses would be getting the same videos delivered to their inbox. Under the new system, be it in theory, in order to get notifications about every video a creator releases, people would need to click subscribe, hit the golden bell icon, and make sure that notifications are allowed on their account. If it isn’t done and one simply hits the red subscribe button, they might not receive notifications for creators’ new videos, even though all subscribed videos would still surface in the subscriptions tab. The product change is assumed to make this easier for users to understand.

The approaching change is a direct response to increasing frustration among creators who assert to have suffered from “subscriber ghosting.” There was a protest from creators in March 2018, which YouTube has since answered to with gradual updates to the notification system and updates on user research that may affect further change.

To speak more directly to creators, YouTube is starting new metrics that YouTubers can use to better comprehend how many of their subscribers are getting notifications.

Creators have already started to talk about the update on Twitter, and the acceptance is mixed. While people valued the transparency YouTube has displayed something, which CEO Susan Wojcicki mentioned to creators in one of her blog posts. She stated that the company was devoted to doing more— they were disappointed as the notification system was still hard to navigate. Others grumbled the update doesn’t address individual users’ subscription feed that was part of the problem. YouTube users have spoken about having all the right settings allowed, but still not getting notifications. The product changes are presently being rolled out.

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