Wikipedia Takes Turkey to European Human Rights Court Over Two Year Ban

Wikipedia is appealing to a human rights court over Turkey’s two-year ban of its site. It is going to take Turkey to the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) over the two-year ban enforced on the site in the nation. It wants ECHR to lift the ban.

On Thursday, the Wikimedia Foundation, the nonprofit organization that hosts Wikipedia, stated that it has filed the application to the European Court of Human Rights on the grounds that a ban on its online encyclopedia breached the right to freedom of expression. It even stated that it is filing the petition because knowledge and freedom of expression is the fundamental rights if everyone.

Since April 2017, access to Wikipedia has been blocked in Turkey. Officials stated that during the time “an administrative step” had been taken, but no reason behind the ban was given. As per reports, the ban was a part of suppression on dissent.

Turkish media stated that authorities had asked Wikipedia to remove content by writers that “supports terror”.
The Wikimedia Foundation stated that it had earlier tried to revoke the block by taking legal measures in Turkish courts, having discussion with Turkish authorities and initiating campaigns to bring about awareness on the block’s global effect but that those endeavors weren’t successful.

Katherine Maher, the Wikimedia Foundation’s executive director, in a statement stated that Wikipedia is a global resource that everyone can be seriously part of shaping. She added that through collective process of writing and rewriting, and discussions, Wikipedia becomes more useful, and all-inclusive.

Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales also tweeted about the appeal, stating that it’s sad that the situation has come to this. Knowledge is a basic human right though, so they will keep pushing forward until they succeed.

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