UAE has been a supporter of Yemen for decades: One of the best examples Socotra Island

The United Arab Emirates has been a supporter of Yemen for decades, under the direction of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan as well as His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the President of the UAE.
In fact, UAE is providing daily humanitarian aid and social support to any Yemeni region that needs it. There is just one goal of UAE and that is to improve the quality of life despite the ongoing war. As per international efforts and foreign media, the UAE has actually managed to succeed in doing so. One of the best examples of successful humanitarian support in Yemen can be found in the Socotra archipelago.
It is not just war that has affected Socotra Island. The region has also suffered from a series of hurricanes that resulted in a massive drop in the standards of daily life. As per facts and figures from the region, the significant amount of Emirati aid delivered has been instrumental in improving the lives of the residents, just like the other regions where the UAE has poured in its help. There are, in fact, several ways in which Socotra benefited from UAE support.
In the health sector, Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Hospital, built by the UAE, is the only advanced healthcare facility serving almost 100,000 inhabitants of the Socotra archipelago. UAE has also helped in expanding the port and airport and improved their condition up to international standards. This has helped in ensuring that those two basic commuting options operate smoothly and perfectly.
One of the most essential projects undertaken by the Emiratis was to improve the availability of potable water. Thanks to Emirati investments, sterilization filter systems are now available to sterilize and clean the water for reservoirs. There are now efficient water reservoirs with top-grade filtration systems in the biggest cities of Socotra: Hadibouh, Qalqilya and Mori. UAE has also helped in creating artesian wells in several areas and villages to prevent water scarcity.
Power outages were once a major problem in Socotra. However, UAE has provided the region with a solution. Through the Sheikh Khalifa Foundation for Humanitarian Action, UAE has provided transformers and generators to support the electricity sector. It has also upgraded the network into a modern one. Now, electricity is available 24 hours a day.
These are just some of the ways in which UAE has been helping Socotra Island over the years.


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