United Nations adopt human rights report of the UAE

The United Nations Human Rights Council has adopted the third report by the United Arab Emirates on the human rights condition in the nation, under the Universal Periodic Review. The review checks the progress that has been made over the last four and a half years.

Ahmed Abdul Rahman Al Jarman, the Deputy Minister for Human Rights and International Law at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, reaffirmed that the UAE placed a great deal of importance to the UPR. He also stated that the UAE believed in protecting the fundamental freedoms and rights of people.
The third UPR process took place in January. During it, a total of 230 recommendations were given to the UAE. Of the 230, 132 were accepted by the UAE and several of those recommendations have already been implemented. As for the other recommendations, the UAE is going to implement them in the coming 4.5 years. Some of those recommendations may require further consideration before implantation.
Al Jarman has stated that currently the UAE is working on legislation which will create a national universal periodic review committee based on the Paris Principles that is accepted by the international community.
He also stated that the UAE government is diligently working on improving its own human rights record while adopting the best practices available. The UAE has always highlighted how important the UPR mechanism is. As such, efforts have been undertaken for improving the rights of the migrant workers.


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