UAE Offering Humanitarian Aid of Almost $4bn to Yemen

The charitable assistance that is being provided by the UAE government for the Yemeni families is commendable. In fact, over the last three years, UAE has given almost $4 billion (Dh14.7bn) as a part of the humanitarian assistance plan.

Yemen has been involved in a war since 2015. It has been trying to fight the Iranian backed Houthi militia who has siege the towns and villages. Thereby, the Houthi militia has made the life of thousands of Yemenis miserable. In order to help in Yemen’s War, UAE along with Saudi Arabia is ready to stay on the side of Yemen and aid them in their fight with the rebels.
The humanitarian assistance program organized by the UAE and represented by the Emirates Red Crescent (ERC) swung into action as soon as the news of Yemenis in need of critical food aid reached them. The ERC team has already distributed 5000 food parcels to Yemeni families residing in the liberated towns and villages in Hodeidah.
An expert feels that the distribution of 35000 food and supplies by ERC is going to help two million people. The amount of supply is enough for a month. The UAE aid authority already delivered 1000 food baskets to 7000 Yemenis living in the Muharraq and Wadi Irfan. Apart from the UAE, ERC also distributed 4000 food parcels for people living in areas like Al Wa’ara, Al Khawkhah, and Muwshej.
The Arab Coalition started an operation in order to reclaim the Hodeidah port. The UAE as a part of the coalition wants to bring cohesion and growth. The UAE wants that the Houthi rebels to move away from the city as well as from the port in order to avoid facing any kind of assault. It wants to keep the life of Yemenis safe and secure.
A diplomat states that the liberation of Hodeidah can be considered as a crucial step toward an improved political solution. He echoed that the backing of UAE helped to initiate talks between two countries organized by the UAE.
UAE is very hopeful about the political meeting. The talks would help to come up with a solution for ending the war peacefully.


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