TV Shows That You Can Watch Now As the Game of Thrones Has Ended

For many years, Game of Thrones created a national sensation by winning awards, critical acclaims all during its duration. Moreover, it has been able to win the hearts of many. With the show coming to an end, there might be angst among the fans over the way the eighth and final show ended. However, regardless of the feeling one might be having for the show, many might not be able to get over the void.

In order to fill in the gap, you can watch some other shows in order to fill the obsession. Let’s take a look below:

The Last Kingdom (3 seasons)

This TV series is based on Bernard Cornwell’s Saxon Series novels. It is set in England during the 10th century, when Viking invasions were a common thing. It has got plenty of family drama, complicated relationships, power struggles, and bloody battles.

Vikings (5 seasons)

Action lovers would love this series. Like Game of Thrones, the characters are far from predictable as heroes and villains continually switch allegiances. In Vikings, Ragnar Lothbrok is a farmer who becomes king of Denmark and cultivates a habit of frightening the citizens of France and England with violent raids.

Into the Badlands (3 seasons)

The martial-arts fantasy series takes place in a post-apocalyptic world 500 years after a destructive war that left civilization in ruins. It hints towards magnificent martial art battles among warriors, as well as power struggles take place.

The Shannara Chronicles (2 seasons)

It is based on Terry Brooks’ fantasy book series and is set thousands of years in the future. It looks like to be much like Lord of the Rings style fantasy.

Merlin (5 seasons)

If you wished that Game of Thrones had more magic and talking dragons; then Merlin is apt for you. It is set in the Kingdom of Camelot and the story follows young Merlin and a young prince Arthur as they try to achieve their fate to become two of the most powerful figures in British folklore.

Frontier (3 seasons)

This fascinating TV series is about the 18th-century fur trade in Canada. The series has a lot of bloody violence between traders, con men, outlaws, thieves and wild animals.

The Tudors (4 seasons)

This series offers a compelling retelling of an infamous real-life monarch’s rise to power. However, one shouldn’t pay too much attention to historical accuracy.

The Borgias (3 seasons)

It follows the achievements of an infamous real-life Renaissance-era Italian family, one of whom becomes Pope Alexander VI, the head of the Catholic Church. The Borgias is full of nudity, abuse, murder and blood.
Don’t worry these shows won’t dishearten you. You will love them.

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