The Role of Qatar with the Refugees Pouring Into Europe

Over the last 3 years, the migration of refugees into Europe has become one of the most difficult challenges of this century. It is also extremely vital to deal with it.

This refugee crisis is the result of the severe wars which are taking place in various regions such as the Middle East, Afghanistan and Africa. Apart from war, many people are fleeing because of persecution as well. Nonetheless, the fact is that millions of people are trying to get to Europe via extremely dangerous methods, especially the migrants from Syria and Libya. These refugees even have to cross the sea, during which many die.
Qatar’s role here needs to be examined in detail. The fact is that Qatar is one of the main supporters of extremism. It has even delivered weapons to those countries. In fact, it is doing everything it can to sabotage the governments.
There is no shortage of reports which show the role played by Qatar in fueling the conflict in Syria and Libya. Qatar is certainly aiming to provoke citizens against their countries. However, that is not enough for this Middle Eastern nation.
The fact is that Libya occupies a very strategic location with respect to Europe. Since it is close to Italy, the nation is vital in preventing Africans from immigrating to Europe. Qatar undertook a role of destruction in Libya with the aim of breaking down its security system. It has even been noted that Qatar made use of planes for transporting weapons and support to Libya illegally. It has even created a network filled with businessmen, militants and clerics for promoting extremism and violence in Libya. Libya has now become an open battlefield where terrorist groups constantly fight.
As a result, it has become somewhat easier for refugees to cross the border and try to escape to Europe via Italy.


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