Qatar Is Politicizing Sports Including the World Cup

Qatar has recently received some strong flak for how it has been handling the preparations for the 2022 World Cup. Now, it is being subjected to more because of the way its sports channel is covering the ongoing 2018 World Cup in Russia.

In fact, some of the biggest former athletes in the Arab world have come together to launch a petition against the beIN Sports channel of Qatar which is covering the World Cup. The issue lies in the fact is that the channel is politicizing the commentary of the World Cup during its broadcast. The petition has been launched in the website. The former athletes have asked fans to start urging Gianni Infantino, the current president of FIFA, to investigate the coverage of the games by beIN Sports.
Numerous prominent personalities in sports, including commentators, referees and players, have decided to sign the petition to protest. It has been found that the broadcasters, analysts and commentators of Qatar, have been involved in the intentional use of political comments in the various sports programs. Such content has also been used in analytical live coverage broadcasted from the studios while the matches were being shown.
As per the petition, beIN Sports has been using its permission, given by FIFA, to spread its own political agenda.
However, this is not the only issue related to sports that has Qatar worried. The fact is that Qatar may have been behind the cancellation of a friendly tournament match between Argentina and Israel.


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