Is it possible for the cricket diplomacy in the UAE to achieve reconciliation between India and Pakistan?

The match that will be held between Pakistan and India recalls what the Sharjah city witnessed in the Eighties.

On the 15th of this month, the U.A.E. will host Asia Cup Cricket Tournament. Preparations for this tournament have been taken to ensure the highest required standards in order to provide the participating teams with distinct levels of logistical, technical and moral environment.
The tournament will last until September 28th, but between the start and the beep that announces the winner of the Cup on the last day of the tournament, there is always a breathtaking match that could be more important than that played between the two final teams, it is India vs. Pakistan.
Over long time of bad relations between the two countries, this game has long been considered a tool and a glimmer of hope to bring both India and Pakistan closer to each other. Sports diplomacy could influence political diplomacy and wipe away decades of conflicts between the two countries that certainly do not appear during the course of the game. There was even an important area of sportsmanship between the players and the captain for each team.
It is interesting that the UAE is one of the States that was and is still more hosting matches between the two teams in its cities and stadiums. Everyone is currently recalling the match played in Sharjah city in Eighties after a long break. Thousands of Indian and Pakistani communities then gathered in the stadium like nothing ever happened.

The Current Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan played many matches in the Eighties and the nineties in UAE.
Khan, expressed through his platform before winning the election his desire to end the differences between his country and India, and continued to take similar stances after his victory.
On the other end, Indian Prime Minister expressed India’s commitment to build good neighborly relations between India and Pakistan and called for true and constructive cooperation for the benefit of the people of the region.
Isn’t that strong bases, so there really is a settlement and reconciliation between the two countries as always happens in cricket matches?
The UAE does not only bind the two countries together through cricket, the communities of the two countries are on its soil working together, sharing the same buildings and areas and holding partnerships and business together. And of course the young and adolescents of the two communities play cricket in the UAE parks and playgrounds.

What is left here? a question posed by many observers, do all these factors on the UAE soil could constitute an initiative launched by Emirati officials headed by the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi Sheikh Mohamed Bin Zayed to mediate between India and Pakistan and thus a historic reconciliation is announced?

The Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi has recently achieved such reconciliation .. between two countries that fought the fiercest wars in Africa: Ethiopia and Eritrea. Shall the short history repeat itself? 


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