Modern Day Slavery in Qatar Exposed By New Book

A new book called Tiers of Slavery in Qatar has exposed the nefarious modern version of slavery existing in Qatar. Written by Suzanne AbuNadar, the book deals with the stratification of Qatari society and how it treats foreign labourers under systematic slavery.

The story deals with Mami and Ruby. Mami is a maid from Ethiopia, who is working in Qatar. As for Ruby, she works as an instructor at a university in Qatar. While they seem to be from different classes and have different lives, they are not so different at all. There is stratification within the class that Mami belongs to. In the same way, the class to which Ruby belongs also has several levels or strata.
The book details their lives and how they intertwine with each other and also of the people that they meet in their respective journeys. Mami’s story is that of the difficulties and hardships that a maid can endure in Qatar. As for Ruby, her journey as a middle class expat is also filled with her own hardships.
The beauty of this book is that all of the characters in it have been based on actual people. As such, the book gives a great idea about how life is like for expats and laborers in Qatar. It properly enlightens the reader about the slavery system that exists in Qatar, under the blessing of the government.
People who have read the book have nothing but praises for the book. They found the book to be gripping and exciting. According to one reader, the book is also quite emotional as it deals with the harsh reality of the stratification and slavery in Qatari society.


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