Migrant Workers in Qatar Left Unpaid after Building World Cup Facilities

Recently an investigation agency by the name of Amnesty International uncovered that a Qatari engineering company took advantage of Qatar’s sponsorship of the 2022 Fifa World Cup and exploited migrant workers unlawfully.

The company namely Mercury MENA used workers to build the World Cup and other structures but in the end, left them penniless and without work facilities. Right now this led to numerous migrant workers hungry, homeless and with no cash to return home. Infuriated with the actions of Mercury MENA, the Amnesty International is pressuring the Qatari government to provide for these deprived migrants.
Further, they have pressed petitions to change the “kafala” system of sponsorship as it’s the main reason why certain companies get the chance to exploit workers. The leading director of Amnesty International claims that even though the Qatari government passed the labor reform law in 2017, the workers of Mercury Mena struggled with no money or food. In fact, the Qatari government should quickly find ways to repay these workers as most of them took out heavy loans to get employed in Qatar.
Now, only if Qatar pays the workers their due wages can these migrants finally start their lives afresh. On this note, the Amnesty International interviewed several workers in the Mercury MENA. These people claimed that not just the World Cup but they had worked for several prestigious projects for the company and yet they did not get their designated pay. In fact, ‘Future City’ one of the most prestigious projects done by Mercury MENA.
Now, while the company enjoyed the praises from Qatar, it left its workers to starve. Moreover, ever since 2016, the company stopped paying adequate wages to workers. Furthermore, they prevented workers to leave them on legal restrictions and did not even provide proper lodgings to employees. Hence, its high time Qatar takes the required actions and prevents companies like these from misusing the sponsorship system.

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