Indian Expat Workers Reveal Their Hardships in Qatar

Qatar has been under a lot of pressure recently because of the rampant human rights abuses taking place inside the nation. Among the various nationalities stuck in the Middle East country, Indians number among the hundreds. Now, stories are coming out from the Indians stranded within Qatar about the horrific conditions that they have been living through.

In one shocking story, a wife has been unable to find any trace of her husband for years. Laxmi Reddy had last seen Ramesh Reddy, her husband, 4 years ago when he left for Qatar. Her husband contacted her a few times after reaching Qatar. Since then, there has been no trace of Ramesh. Laxmi’s journey to get her husband back is complicated by her illiteracy and the inability of even the authorities to help her. The Indian Embassy in Doha, Qatar has been informed but even they are unable to make any headway with the case.
Patkuri Basanth Reddy is one of those who have tried to help Laxmi Reddy and others like here. He is the head of the Gulf Migrant Workers’ Welfare Association based in Telangana. For years, he has been helping Indian laborers who are facing hardships in the Gulf region, drawing from his own experience of working in the region. He is currently compiling a list of Indians who have gone missing in Qatar to present to Sushma Swaraj, the foreign minister of India.
One of the lucky ones was Shravan Kumar. Speaking about his experience as a migrant laborer in Qatar, he is still unable to believe that he managed to survive 2 years. He stated that his ordeal stared right from the moment he got off the plane. His passport was taken away along with other documents. As for his living conditions, he had to share a small room with 16 other laborers like him. He had to work for 12 hours instead of 8 and suffered other hardships as well. He was treated poorly and did not even receive a proper salary. He barely managed to survive.


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