More horrific tales of Indians stuck in Qatar

More and more stories of the Indians stuck in Qatar are coming out of the shadows. Each story is not just heartbreaking but also horrific. Here are some of them.

Durlal Singh managed to visit Qatar back in 2015 after selling off his farmland for a ticket. 3 years later, he is regretting the choice he made. He spoke of how he has failed to receive any payment whatsoever from the construction company since January, even though he has been working there for 3 years. In short, it is the worst crisis he has ever faced in his life. Currently living in one of the labor camps in Qatar, he has received only assurances instead of actual money. He has become incapable of sending any money home since he himself earns next to nothing. Although living in conditions less than humane, he is holding on to the hope that there will be improvement.
In the labor camps, electricity is only available during the day. Getting even basic amenities such as water has become a struggle. Since many laborers do not have regular jobs anymore, they are unable to get the payments and perks which they should be receiving.
The Indian Embassy in Doha has promised to look into the matter and provide help. However, for laborers like Singh, all they have received so far from the embassy are just words. They are yet to receive any genuine support.
Another Indian laborer stuck in Qatar, Surinder Singh has been facing the same issues. The 60-year old has been living in the country for more than 15 years. However, he has never faced humiliation like he is now. Like many others, his earnings are not fixed, dependent on the days he gets work.
The current conditions of Qatar for Indian expat laborers are extremely poor. Currently, there are more than 50 labor camps in Qatar, most of them without even the basic amenities. This has also grown due to the construction demands of the 2022 World Cup.


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