Golden Globe Winning Comedian Alleged of Sexual Harassment by His Admirer

There have been a lot of stories about sexual harassment, abuse, misconduct and violence in the past few months. But the most controversial among them was the story of a famous comedian – Aziz Ansari who got the Golden Globe Award some days back.

The famous comedian was alleged of sexual harassment by a 23 year old woman referred to as Grace. She complained that it was the worst date night with a man of her liking. The woman had gone on a date with her favourite comedian. But the date suddenly changed into the worst night the woman ever had. The discomfort of the woman increased when he started assaulting her.

The controversy about Ansari has become a talking point with many points that are conflicting and many opinions that are interwoven. This is making a complex situation whether Aziz is guilty or not. It gained so much notice and controversy amidst the #MeToo movement that was going on.

Aziz Ansari won the Golden Globe Award for best actor for his comedy role in Netflix’s master of none. Ansari accepted the award wearing a Time’s Up pin. This inspired Grace to tell her story to the public. To protest against sexual harassment done to woman the feminist men too supported the act of wearing black at the golden globe awards this year. Among many men, Aziz was also seen in Time’s Up tie to protest against sexual assault. Grace stood up against what had happened to her and wanted to tell the incident to everyone.

Grace also said in front of the public that Ansari has two different personas. His public persona cannot be matched with the person she has seen privately. She had read a lot of excerpts from books and also seen some of his shows but she just couldn’t believe the incident may happen to her.


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