German Media Exposes Labor Abuse during Qatar World Cup Prep

The attempts of Qatar to whitewash the abuses going on during its World Cup construction program have now been exposed by an investigation conducted by German media into the pledges made by the nation. It has been revealed that Qatar has done nothing more than make a series of empty promises which have taken a bloody turn on more than one occasion.

Qatar made some radical promises when it stated that the construction of the 2022 World Cup facilities will not cost human lives. However, it has been reported by a noted German broadcaster that, in August, a Nepali worker was the latest in a long line of victims of the desperate rush to establish the World Cup facilities.
An undercover reporter for a noted German media organization managed to converse with some of the foreign workers in Qatar. Those workers spoke about how their passports had been taken away by the firms who were involved in the projects. There were also others who are being forced to work during the hottest times of the day, despite those times being specially designated as rest periods.
These claims have raised a lot of awkward and difficult questions for Sharan Burrow, the President of the International Trades Union Congress. This year, Burrow had led a conference held in Qatar during which she praised the approach taken by Qatar. This was surprising considering that it had previously criticized the nation. This about-turn was all the more shocking since there has been a lack of definitive evidence which proves Qatar’s sincerity in its commitments.
The International Labour Organisation was unable to deliver any evidence as well. Despite this, it said that it believes Qatar about changes being on the way.
This is not something that the foreign workers in Qatar believe. Many of them have had their passports confiscated by the firms even though Qatar has promised to stop this system. Additionally, it has also been noticed that workers are forced to work during the hottest times of the day, between 11.30am and 3pm. In fact, these times in between June and August are the hottest of the year. Qatar has officially designated the times as a period of rest. Despite this, workers are forced to work during these periods when the temperatures reach 50 degrees Celsius.


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