Education America Unmasks Qatar Money and Terrorism Has Infiltrated Universities

It has been disclosed by the American Ministry of Education that Qatar provided money to many reputed American universities. Since 2011, over billion dollars were offered for plain political reasons trying to influence governments by pouring money in fishy and ambiguous ways.

The report which was broadcasted by the American daily stated that Qatar is an extremist nation. Moreover, Qatar has been blamed for supporting terrorism and financing a terrorist organization. Side by side, Qatar has been applauded by a news channel Al Jazeera channel that is also financed by Qatar. One thing that causes worry or anxiety is the Qatari ambition or better said Qatar’s intention.

Many universities declined to talk about the money they received and their sources. Thereby, making things separate and getting involved in a case of receiving funds from doubtful sources and thereby becoming more defenceless in front of the law.

In last October, Qatar charged Texas investigator for making efforts to hide the verifiable truth that Qatar paid 225 million dollars to the Texas A&M University.

Investigations divulged that Qatar emphasized on George Town University and offered it a huge amount of money as this university has a great influence in American political lobbies and it also holds close ties with the ministry of foreign affairs with its policymakers as they are a part of the white house and the Congress.

Qatar always prepares foreign policy; however, the university declined to comment on the money it received from Doha and its use.

The American report also stated that the Qatari money is trying to pollute the academic work in the US and makes use of financing the universities with plentiful amounts of money as a channel to influence politicians and to gatecrash in nation’s politics apart from offering fancy gifts and contributions to people and groups for suspicious political reasons.

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